As the students head back to school in Western Colorado, we are happy to hear some stories from you about the teachers who are already helping to make a difference.

We love saying thank you to our area educators who help inspire and encourage the students of Grand Junction and Mesa County. Scroll down to see twenty-six shoutouts to the teachers and schools of the Western Slope.

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Western Colorado Teacher Shoutouts

Your shoutouts mean so much to the teachers and schools in our area. We know several schools and teachers will appreciate your comments, and that you took a moment to mention the difference they make in the photo gallery below.

Open our station app to keep the shoutouts coming, or visit our Facebook page to add your message to a school and teacher in Mesa County or elsewhere in Western Colorado.

How Many Schools Are in Mesa County?

In Mesa County alone there are more than 40 schools serving over 20,000 students. It's so great to see so many different schools and teachers mentioned in the comments below. Keep going to read this week's shoutouts, and to find out which public schools in Mesa County have the highest scores.

Western Colorado Schools You Mentioned Most

Your shoutouts came from all over the Western Slope. Keep going to read about some great teachers at Fruita Monument High School, Clifton Elementary, Central High School, Cedaredge Elementary, Caprock Academy, Fruitvale Elementary School, and lots more. We hope the list below brings a smile to your face as well.

26 Shoutouts to the Great Teachers of Colorado's Western Slope

Is there a teacher in Western Colorado who has made a huge difference in your child's life? Tell us who they are and what school they work for and we will include them in our teacher appreciation on-air shoutouts. Scroll through the teachers mentioned below and use our station app to chat with us about your favorite teacher and to add their name to the list.

MORE: Colorado's 12 Best Public Schools in Mesa County

Did you know there are 54 public schools in Mesa County, Colorado? Which ones are doing the best job teaching our students? Keep reading to find out which schools have the best reading and math proficiency scores and serve the most students.

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