A Grand Junction woman with cancer received a $3,640.44 check from Chic-Fil-A, and finds out it's not worth the paper it's printed on!

36-year-old mother, Melissa DeHerrera was just diagnosed with cancer this year, and as you can see, has already had a double mastectomy.

Melissa DeHerrera

After finding a lump in her left breast, Melissa had a mammogram and ultrasound June 10, followed by an MRI on June 11, a biopsy on June 16, and an official diagnosis of Cancer on June 18.

The double mastectomy came days later.

She still has to do at least four more rounds of Chemo, and a hysterectomy, because her cancer is feeding off estrogen, and says.

It has been a whirlwind, and scary at times. I stay positive, because being angry, sad, or full of pity is not going to change anything. I have cancer, and I am strong enough to beat it. It is a bump in the road and I will keep a good attitude and get through it. I know I am not fighting alone.

She says she gets by thanks to her family and great friends that stand by her and fight with her.

Melissa has set up a few fundraising sites like GiveForward to help her with medical expenses.

That's why when she got a check from Chi-Fil-A for over three thousand dollars, she assumed they had seen one and decided to help. She says that,

Being a lesbian, I was very shocked, because of their past history. I was also very grateful and happy.

She has not been able to work so the check was a blessing and the family was planning on paying at least one doctor bill, rent, or maybe make a car payment, until they found out it was the check BAD!

But still she's not upset, but instead wants to make sure no one else "get their hopes crushed by a scammer."

If you'd like to support Melissa's fight you can join her friends and family Saturday, August 2, at Thunderstruck Valley in downtown Grand Junction. They'll be hosting a fundraising event to support Melissa!

Festivities start at 6:30 with entertainment, food, drinks and more!

Or you can mail donations to 468 32 1/8 Rd. #3 Clifton CO 81510

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