The Colorado Secretary Of State's office now allows you to register to vote by doing something you're probably doing every day: Texting.

Registering is easy. Eligible Coloradans can simply text the word “Colorado” or "CO" to “2Vote” (28683) on their smartphones, and then open the link to the SOS online voter registration and election information site. It's just that easy.

You can not only text to register to vote, but you can update your mailing address, change  party affiliations, view a sample ballot 45 days before an election or check the status of your ballot after you have voted. Important dates and deadlines pertaining to this November 8, 2016, general election or future elections can also be accessed.

Almost every adult today has a smartphone and knows how to text, so there is really no reason not to be registered to vote this November.

Once you're registered, make sure you research the candidates that are out there and make your vote count for who you feel will do the best for you and your neighbors, whether it be Gary Johnson, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and for all of your local offices too.

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