Do you know the texting and driving laws in Colorado?

Keyes & Riley thought a refresher course would be a good idea.

We came up with this thought after reading this article where A. J. Daust received a ticket for texting. He got what he deserved some say.

A police officer issued Mr. Daust a $287 citation after the officer spotted him texting while he was behind the wheel of his vehicle while sitting in a drive-thru lane at a Tim Horton's restaurant.

According to the article, the law states 'The legislation prohibits the use of a phone on ‘any’ thoroughfare, public or private that the public is ordinarily entitled to use for the passage of vehicles.'

This story takes place in Canada, so laws may be slightly different from here in Colorado, so we decided to find out as much as we could. A quick Google search brought up a couple of different websites. This one from Another about the law and finally coloradodriverslicenses.

There are some exceptions, but it basically boils down to this.

 'It is illegal for drivers of all ages to text while behind the wheel in Colorado.'

We see it far too often here in the Grand Junction area. Be safe and be smart. The text can wait.

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