A popular group of locally owned restaurants will close one of its diners next year. Don't worry, it's not going out of business, just changing locations.

Randy's Southside Diner, featuring three locations in Western Colorado, will relocate their Clifton diner. It's not going far. As a matter of fact, it's crossing the street.

Why did the diner cross the road? Who knows? In this case, though, Randy will get to enjoy a stand-alone location as opposed to their current dwelling, a unit in a strip mall. Ultimately, it's the difference between leasing a location versus owning the facility.

What kind of digs will they be moving to? Do you remember the old LOCO station at 32 Road and Bookcliff? Well, guess what? Here comes Randy's!

Randy's new Clifton location
Tom Freeman

Per my estimates, this venue looks to have square footage comparable to Randy's Orchard Mesa location. That has proven to be plenty over the years.

When can you expect the move? Not until summer of 2018.

Good luck, Randy. It's always a pleasure stopping by your diners. At a glance, this move looks like the right idea.

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