Did you know Western Colorado's Whitewater Cemetery is the home to four Civil War veterans? Have you visited the Whitewater Cemetery?

This Memorial Day, why not visit the cemetery and pay your respects. It's a remarkable place to see.

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Veterans at Colorado's Whitewater Cemetery

There are 13 veterans laid to rest at this cemetery. Four of those are Civil War veterans. Two were Confederate soldiers, and the other two were Union soldiers. According to Sue Chapman with the Whitewater Cemetery Association, all four settled in the Grand Valley in the early 1800s.

Civil War Veterans

The four Civil War soldiers laid to rest at Whitewater Cemetery are:
  • Archie Jenkins Dodgion - Confederate Army
  • Lewis N. Farmer - Union Army
  • Jessie M. Walker - Confederate Army
  • Joshua Reason White - Union Army

Family Still in Western Colorado

I spoke today with Sue Chapman, a former director with the cemetery, who still resides in the valley. According to her, she was related to two of the Civil War vets at Whitewater Cemetery. Lewis Farmer was her great-grandfather, while Dodgson was related by marriage.

Why Are There Five Names Listed but Only Four in the Cemetery?

I'm glad you asked. In the photo at top you'll see five names listed as having served in the Civil War. Why, then, do I say there are only four Civil War vets in the Whitewater Cemetery? I asked the volunteers the same question. As it turns out, the fifth veteran on the list, George Lewis Gaylord, was relocated to the Orchard Mesa Cemetery after the marker had been made.

Placing Wreaths on Veterans Graves

Members of the Whitewater Cemetery Association will meet tomorrow, Friday, May 28, 2021, to begin placing wreaths on the veterans' graves.

How to Find the Whitewater Cemetery

You've probably driven right past the cemetery a thousand times and didn't even know it. As you're heading down Highway 50 through Whitewater, the cemetery is on the top of the hill on the north side of the highway. An American flag is flying at all times.

To get there, take Highway 50 and turn north on Reeder Mesa Road. After a short distance, turn to head east on Whitewater Cemetery Road. You're going to think you've turned on to someone's private driveway. That's alright. Just keep heading down this dirt road until you reach the gate of the cemetery. You won't be able to drive into the cemetery, but you'll find parking right by the gate.

Whitewater Cemetery Directions
Google Maps

Volunteers Are Always Needed

Would you like to be a part of this? The Whitewater Cemetery Association is in need of a few more volunteers to loving take care of this precious historic part of Western Colorado.
Whitewater Cemetery May 21 2017 B
Waylon Jordan
The Whitewater Cemetery is always an amazing place to visit. At this special time of year, you could be a part of this awesome tribute to Western Colorado vets. I've visited the cemetery dozens of times over the years. I can't think of a single occasion where I wasn't the only person there. The cemetery is only minutes away from downtown Grand Junction, so please make an effort to visit over Memorial Day Weekend.

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