Western Colorado is home to an amazing piece of history, the Whitewater Cemetery. Last year, thanks to Troop 388, the site received a makeover. Take a brief tour of this phenomenal landmark.

To look at it from the road, one would think it to be a very small, unpopulated cemetery. In reality, there are headstones with dates ranging from the 1800's to present. This isn't an abandoned cemetery by any means. People have been buried there as recently as last year.

Take a look at the wooden headstone in the photo gallery above. Now we're talking. This is what a Western Colorado cemetery should look like.

The reality is the Whitewater cemetery is fairly large and nicely maintained. There are several "Unknown" graves which are uncommonly well marked. The cemetery also features several military tributes, one of which seems to have been added fairly recently.

On my way back to the truck a cow wandered by. You don't see that very often when visiting a cemetery. The site is isolated by a fence, so you won't find any cattle in the vicinity of the graves.

To reach the cemetery, take Highway 50 through Whitewater, and turn north on Reeder Mesa Road. Shortly after that turn, watch for a sign on the right directing you to the cemetery. A short dirt road follows.

As you approach the cemetery, you are asked to park outside the gate and proceed on foot. The walk that follows is fairly short, maybe a few hundred feet.

Don't limit your knowledge of the Whitewater cemetery to what you can see when driving down the highway. It is well worth taking the few minutes to turn off the highway and head up the hill. The walk is very pleasant, and the view is incredible. If it's been a while since your last visit, you should swing by and see the new upgrades.

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