Having a natural resource like the Colorado River running straight through town. It's crazy to me that Grand Junction doesn't offer some fun water sports. This is why Grand Junction needs a whitewater park.

Almost everybody floats, kayaks, or takes a raft down the river. So why not use an area of the river that goes right through our town and turn it into a whitewater park.

Here are a few places around Colorado that have already made the decision to make a whitewater park.

Now that you see how much fun a whitewater park can be, wouldn't you want to do it?

If Grand Junction were to create a whitewater park --Watson Island would make the perfect location -- it could be something for the whole family to enjoy. Think about chilling out in the river on a hot summer day, watching everyone enjoy the nice wave.

I know for a fact a few of my friends and myself included would be down there every weekend.

Of course, there might be some cons with it as well. If the water is running too high they will warn that only the most experienced people be on the water.

But other than the high river flow I don't see this being a bad idea for the city of Grand Junction.

What do you think?

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