According to the crazies, er, fine folk of Oregon, pumping gas must be done by a professional.

I had no clue there were places in the US where it was illegal to pump your own gas, but it's illegal in New Jersey, and once illegal in Oregon.

Now in Oregon, residents have the option to pump their own gas. Which, may seem like no big deal to those of us who have been pumping our own gas for a lifetime, but Oregon has lost its mind over this ordeal.

KTVL 10 News in Medford, Oregon asked their Facebook fans how they felt about the new law, and I'm sure they got more than they asked for.

I kid you not, these are real comments by real people.

I mean, the Oregon residents strongly prove their point, but the other 48 states really gave it to them:

If you haven't taken the time to go through and read some of the comments on this post, you're missing out on a laugh of a lifetime.

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