If you're driving on a mountain road, you are merely a guest for the real owners of that part of America. In the case of this driver, he found his path blocked by a lone wolf who came to check him out.

It appears this is a very young wolf or wolf pup. It didn't look like he was in any hurry to get off of this road to let the truck driver by.

According to the video description, this encounter happened near Chemult, Oregon. Like many parts of that state, there is plenty of wilderness in this area and that includes wolves. Based on the terrain, it's believed to be in this area just to the west of Chemult..

Google Maps Satellite View

If you see a wolf pup like this, you can be certain that the pack is probably nearby. It's good that this driver allowed the wolf to calmly scope him out and go back to being a wolf. Again, he is just a visitor in this wild part of America.

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