From Grand Junction to the White House. Well, not exactly, but it was a year ago that Donald Trump visited our great city. 

I am NOT political. Let me repeat that. I am NOT political. This is not a post that is either pro or con President Trump. I am simply looking back on a day, that you have to admit is pretty cool.

Any time that a President or even a Presidential candidate takes the time and feels that Grand Junction is an important enough place to make a stop at, it should make us feel pretty proud.

Grand Junction is a popular place for presidents to visit. Among the Commanders in Cheif Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower and more have graced the Valley with their presence.

Now, Trump may not have been President yet, still a candidate, but anytime someone in that type of position spots Grand Junction and says 'we have to go there,' shows that the Western Slope is no place to ignore.

Recently, from Billy Bob Thornton to Shia LaBeouf, some famous people have also been rolling through Grand Junction. To go bowling or to grand a late night snack.

If you were the Tour Guide for famous people visits to Grand Junction, what would be on the 'have-to-go' spots?



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