Not only were the Cowley College Tigers lucky enough to make it to the JUCO World Series, they had a lucky encounter with Shia LaBeouf.

While making a trip to the gas station to fill up on some late night snack, teammates of the Cowley College Tigers ran into Shia LaBeouf while he made a pitstop at the same gas station while he was hitchhiking across Colorado.

The photo was tweeted by Tigers' pitcher Mason LeClair, who told the Grand Junction Sentinel he did a double-take when he first saw LaBeouf. LeClair new the celebrity was trekking across Colorado, but was unsure it was him until LaBeouf announced himself.

LaBeouf climbed on the counter of the gas station and posed with the team, while the station's clerk snapped the photo.

According to the map that's tracking LeBeouf's journey, it seems they only made a short stop in Junction.

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