If there's one thing that sucks about sports, it's lockouts. Lockouts mean no games on TV, no dude time, and a greater chance we'll have to spend time with our women learning how to cook cheese fondue and make potpourri centerpieces. That's why we've been pretty annoyed about this whole NHL lockout.

After 66 days (yes, we are counting) and 330 cancelled games, the NHL has still failed to reach an agreement. That's a hell of a lot of fondue. Although negotiations are said to resume discussion soon, we think it's time to take matters into our own hands.

One of our favorite ways to partake in the hockey season is by growing a playoff beard-- the bushy, lumberjack kind ladies go wild over. But if there's no season, playoff beards can't be a thing. That's why YouTube's SlugRiders are proposing we protest the hockey lockout by mailing the NHL our shaved beards.

We have no idea what the hell sort of impact sending tons of hair follicles to the NHL headquarters will have, but it's worth a shot. They also deserve to be inundated with tons of nasty hair, since we've had to make a crapload of cheese fondue.

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