More information has been uncovered on why a 17-year-old Kiera Quintana was murdered in Grand Junction July 15. According to reports, Quintana was an innocent victim.

The incident happened in the parking lot of an Orchard Mesa City Market. Newly revealed documents state that 20-year-old Israel Massingill had borrowed $100 from another, unnamed teenager who was also shot.

That teenager, who lent the money to Massingill, went to the suspect's home with Kiera Quintana driving. Kiera stayed in that car while the unnamed teen went inside. There is when she stated that Massingill, out of the blue, pointed a gun at her. He did put the gun down after the teen girl told Massingill that she wasn't afraid to die. Then he and the girl had consensual sex one time. The second time Massingill forced himself on the girl.

Following that, Massingill stated that he needed a ride to the ATM at City Market to get the $100 he owed the girl. They walked to Kiera Quintan's car and drove to the ATM. It was then that Massingill shot Quintana in the back of the head and then shot the other girl as she was fleeing the scene. She was only injured from a gunshot wound to the arm.

All that for $100? What kind of world do some people live in? This well documented criminal points a gun at a girl, who then has sex with him? He JUST pointed a gun at you! But, then he has to force himself on her the second time? She should have left and called the police. But no, she agrees to give him a ride in someone else's car without the driver's, in this case, Quintana's, permission. Then, over a measly $100 he shoots an innocent girl, execution style, in the back of the head. How many WTFs can say before any of this makes any sense!?

The death penalty might not be good enough for this loser.

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