Is this the beginning of a new epidemic here in Grand Junction? Seems to me, a record number of engaged couples are calling off their weddings. Why is this? 

Skimming through the western Slope Craigslist the other day, I came upon several listings for wedding dresses in Grand Junction. Unused, still in the box dresses. 

Cash only? Maybe she is looking to get out of town as soon as possible and hit a tropical island.

I'm guessing he cheated on her. Just a guess. I have no proof.

Was worn once. Not sure if that means in an actual ceremony or not, But, I was always under the impression that women keep their wedding dresses forever. They don't sell them after they get married.

Perfect condition? Doubt this one ever made down the aisle. Never have seen a wedding then reception where something didn't happen to the dress.

A couple of things strike immediately. The statement "my loss is your gain" is a great way to react to what was probably a terrible, heartbreaking situation.

So, what is going on? Could it some kind of a new Grand Valley curse on engaged couples? Maybe it's showing us that sometimes, you are not as ready for marriage as you may have thought.

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