An innocent walk downtown Grand Junction turned into a walk down memory lane.

Jane Foster just happened to pass by the store A Robin's Nest Antique Shop on Main street, when something caught her eye. Jane told the story to KKCO NEWS.

It was a picture of a woman. But, not just any picture or any woman. It was a photo of Jane's mother wearing a wedding dress. It turns out that the photo, along with some other possessions were auctioned off about 12 years ago when Jane's family, unfortunately, failed to make a payment on a storage unit they were renting.

As incredible as that seems, the story gets better. Not only did the store have the photo, they also had the DRESS! Jane's mom's wedding gown was still in its original box dated June 22, 1948.

So, to make this tale even grander, Jane has to get the items back, right? Well, the owners of A Robin's Nest GAVE Jane the photo and the dress for free.


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