Today is National Rubber Ducky Day! Do you still have yours? If not, where in Western Colorado will you find a rubber ducky?

Once a year on January 13, the world stops, if only for a fraction of a millisecond, to observe National Rubber Ducky Day. Okay, it's weird, but no doubt you'll agree it's better than celebrating another Friday the 13th.

Rubber duckies are kind of like roller skates with toe stoppers and Pac-Man video games - I haven't seen one since 1984. Do they still make the things? If so, how much. For that matter, where will you find them?

Following a not-so-exhaustive search, an assortment of rubber duckies was found in the infant section at the Rimrock Wally-World. How much? A whopping $2.50. While I didn't hit every box store or Bed, Bath, and Beyond in town, I feel confident in guessing they have an assortment to offer as well.

Looking back on the last time I saw a rubber ducky, somewhere circa 1974, it seemed a rubber duck was pretty much a rubber duck. If you had seen one, you'd seen them all. It was kind of like carpet. Every house in 1974 had either the avocado green carpet or the orange shag. There were no exceptions.

Is that still the case with rubber ducks? No! Not only have they survived extinction, not to mention the 1970s, they've multiplied into a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and apparently, occupations.

Behold, cowboy rubber ducky, scuba rubber ducky, pop star rubber ducky, fireman rubber ducky, and a plain old rubber ducky.

Do you have one of these things? Why not? How about your kids?

Don't let this special holiday pass you by. Fire up your old rubber ducky. Don't have one? That's okay, I've indicated where you can get one. Acquire a rubber ducky today, and you'll be ready when this event rolls around next year.

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