National Dentist Day is coming up tomorrow (Wednesday, March 6). Who would you say is Grand Junction's best dentist?

I'm pleased to say I don't have to go to the dentist often (knock on wood). Why? Very simple - most of my teeth are crowns. That, by the way, is not necessarily a good thing. All it really means is I've already endured many years of extensive dental work and replacement. It hasn't been fun.... or cheap.

The occasional cleaning and check-up and I'm good to go. As you know, dental care is very important. Dentists are so essential to a healthy lifestyle the powers that be have gone so far as to establish "National Dentist Day." This event rolls around every March 6.

Finding the right dentist isn't necessarily the easiest thing in the world to do. There's plenty to consider, cost not being the least of them. Where do you start?

While growing up in Grand Junction in the 1970s, I really liked Dr. Jones at the Teller Arms Shopping Center. I can't really make any estimates as to his skill as a dentist. I liked him because he used nitrous oxide, and plenty of it. You know, laughing gas. Going to the dentist was something to look forward to. What can I say? Hey, it was the 70's. We were into that kind of stuff.

Years went by, I allegedly grew up, and found myself on my own financially. My laughing gas fetish gave way to economics. Catching a buzz took a backseat to "cheap." If it boiled down to $1,000 to fix the tooth or $35 to pull it, guess which option won out.

Here it is, 30 years later, and every dentist I've ever know is long since retired. Let's say one is looking for a good dentist in Grand Junction. Who would you recommend? Vote below. If you don't see your favorite Grand Junction dentist, write their name in, and it will be added to the survey.

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