I'm sure there is going to be quite the reaction to this change as one of America's favorite childhood toys has now made a big change. We're learning from KDVR, that Mr. Potato Head is not a mister any longer. The toy's parent company of Hasbro has decided the infamous potato is now gender-neutral and the new name is just Potato Head.

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You will see this change with new toy boxes expected to hit the shelves of stores later in 2021. We have seen over the years the Barbie doll now come in multiple skin tones, and American Girl now selling boy dolls, so this might not be a huge change to some people. But for those who enjoy the old-fashioned ways of Mr. Potato Head you might have to quickly buy up the merchandise they want from stores or online before the switch is made.

The iconic potato-shaped toy has been around for 70 years now and the toy's parent company said it needed a modern makeover. Back in 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a boxed set featuring the two toys, but that will be the last of its kind.

The company wants to get away from the traditional family structure and be more of a representation of what today's culture is like. They feel that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head is too limiting.

Growing up I never thought much of the identity of the toy, I just enjoyed being creative and having fun making it looks goofy or silly. Although I'm sure the toy company spent tons of money on research before making this move.

What do you think about Potato Head now being gender-neutral?

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