As I was wasting a few minutes this past week waiting for an oil change on my car, I began walking through Walmart and that’s when I realized that we are going to continue to see big changes in the future. We have seen so many changes in the past year due to the pandemic and just trying to navigate the situation the best we can. But after walking through the Walmart on North Avenue this week I’m sure it won’t be long until CDs and DVDs will be removed from store shelves.

The store is currently working on some remodeling including removing the McDonald’s restaurant from inside. But also working on new flooring which meant that store shelves and aisles were moved a bit. Which was no big deal and still easy to navigate. But it was clear that most people were at the store for groceries, I was the only person in the electronic section. This means that part of the store is probably underperforming and won’t be around for much longer.

Many Discs (CD’s and DVD’s) Were Marked Down From Their Original Price

As I made my way through the electronics section I noticed many films that I loved including the entire Die Hard collection available for under $15. We know that these movies are available through our smart TV’s but if you enjoy having the physical copy of music or movies, this is your heads up to get them while you can. They won’t be around forever.

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It Will Be Interesting to see Other Changes in Grand Junction Stores

With so many people switching to online ordering or shopping all together online it will be interesting to see how brick and mortar stores make changes accordingly. One thing is certain, the world is always changing.

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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