The most expensive house currently on the market in Palisade is waiting to be yours. I haven't a clue how you're going to get it down the chimney or fit it under the tree. Regardless, you could really brighten someone's holiday with this beauty.

Would you consider $2,150,000 to be out of your holiday shopping budget? Would that be a bit extravagant? Well, that's the asking price for this 6,273 square-foot home on twelve acres of land just off of F Road.

Would you like to take a little tour before you decide? This isn't like a pair of socks or an ugly necktie. You can't just take it back for a refund if the recipient doesn't like it. Take a look.

What all do you get with this little beauty?

  • 4 bedroom
  • 6 bathroom
  • 3-car garage
  • mother-in-law suite
  • wine cellar
  • game room
  • home theater

How much will this cozy little dwelling ultimately set you back? Using a mortgage calculator, assuming you're putting 15% down on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 4%, your payments will be:

$11,809.14 per month mortgage payment

$1,284,479.81 = total interest paid over the life of the loan

Chump change, right?

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