A real-life cowboy picked up his pizza using the trustiest mode of transportation of all -- a horse. They picked up the pizza and rode off into the Montrose sunset.

This is proof right here that Colorado cowboys are definitely still out there. And this cowboy loves him some pizza.

The cowboy and his horse needed a bite to eat after a long day of cowboy-ng. So they rode off to pick up a hot-n-ready pizza from Little Caesars. Seems like they had another stop to make but unfortunately, it doesn't look like allowed horses.

The cowboy parks his horse perfectly straight in a parking space, right between an F-150 and CR-V horse waits patiently for his cowboy bud, keeping his hot-n-ready well, hot and ready.

The pizza is strapped to the horse's back and is amazingly still intact. Maybe the horse wants to wait to eat a slice while it's cozied up in its stable.

They picked up the pizza on horseback and rode off into the sunset, with a pizza strapped to horse's back.

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