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No doubt you noticed how cold it was this morning (December 3). Unfortunately for some, history tends to repeat itself. Check out this Mesa County character as he learns the hard way.

This unfortunate situation is a reenactment of a classic scene from a holiday masterpiece. Does it look familiar?

The "person" in the photos above and below is the Mesa County Sheriff's Office's Deputy Ralphie. He turns up from time to time during the Christmas season. According to a MCSO Facebook post, "Faced with a triple-dog-dare, Deputy Ralphie felt he had no choice but to prove just how cold it is today."

How cold was it? Cold enough. Check out the situation.

Deputy Ralphie Frozen Dec 2020
Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

To be more accurate, according to AccuWeather, Grand Junction was in the lower teens this morning. The record cold temperature for the date of December 3 was a not-so-toasty zero degrees set back in 2004.

Certainly, you recall this famous scene from the classic "A Christmas Story." The funny part about it... we've all been there.

What did Deputy Ralphie learn? Take your pick from the following, as suggested by the MCSO:

  • Don't give in to peer pressure
  • Dress warm
  • Keep your tongue away from flagpoles when it's freezing

It's going to be another cold one tonight (December 3 into 4). Please bring the pets inside. If it's cold enough to freeze a deputized elf's face to a flagpole, it's too cold for your pets to be outside.

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