Goldfish make great pets. One man also thinks they make great snacks.

While the British are not known for their cuisine (or maybe they are), 26-year-old Luke Berry took it to a whole new level of tasteless when he ate a live goldfish on camera and then posted the video on Facebook (once again proving you need to be careful on social media).

Berry's decision to eat the fish has had repercussions beyond just indigestion, though. He's been fined $760 and banned from owning aquatic animals for five years. He must also perform 120 hours of community service.

Berry, meanwhile, chowed down as part of a social media stunt called Neknominate, in which people chug alcohol and then nominate others to do the same.

One officer said, "This was a callous and cruel way to treat a living creature."

Moral of the story: if you're going to eat goldfish, make sure they come out of a Pepperidge Farm bag.

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