Western Colorado students are back in school as of today.  Here's a quick reminder regarding traffic rules when approaching a stopped school bus.

Welcome back to school, Western Colorado students. Here's hoping your first day back was a good one. The drive to work this morning was a profound change compared to last Friday. There were school-busses-o-plenty on the road today. Consequently, the traffic situation, specifically the stoplights at Unaweep and Highway 50, were an all-new ballgame.

Earlier today, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office posted a reminder of when to stop for school buses. The post reads:

In Colorado, you MUST stop your vehicle at least 20 feet before reaching a school bus that is stopped with its 🚨red lights flashing 🚨whether it is on your side of the road, the opposite side of the road, or at an intersection you are approaching.

Okay, that makes sense. As a matter of fact, it's precisely the way I remember it from when I took my driving test sometime back in the stone age. The attached graphic, however, is very helpful and puts an all-new perspective on the matter.

Bus Rules
Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Okay, so what about a situation such as Patterson road between 1st Street and 24 1/2 Road? That's two lanes each direction with turning lanes in the middle. The topic was brought up via Facebook. Here's what people had to say.

Patterson Road Question
Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Let's make this the best school year ever. The first order of business is getting to school safely. Please watch the speed limits, and keep your eyes open for buses. Here's looking forward to an outstanding 2019-2020 academic year.

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