A listener emailed us this morning and she thinks her son is stealing money from her, what should she do? Can you give her some advice?

Angela sent this message this morning looking for help from our listeners, she says,

The other day I found out my son has been stealing money from my purse! I knew exactly how much money I had because I had just gone to the bank. When I confronted him about it, of course he denied it, but I know he did it. I'm pretty angry about it, but if I’m being honest, I did the same thing to my mom from time to time, how should I address this issue?

I personally think this is a pretty serious issue!

This happened to one of my friends just a few months ago, but her son had progressed from stealing out of her purse to hanging out with people who were stealing checks from other people and then spending them around town!

Needless to say it caused the family no end of grief not to mention the amount of time they've spent in court and money they've put out on fines!

So, all I can say is put a stop to it now before they start stealing from other people!

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