What started out as a blog has turned into the rejuvenation of a Western Colorado Christmas fixture. After a long hiatus, "Letters to Santa" will return to the airwaves in Grand Junction.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, Western Colorado residents used to tune into KREX weekdays to watch "Letters to Santa." It was a locally produced show where little kids could sit on Santa's lap and let him know what they wanted for Christmas.

The show ran for years. If you were living in the area back then, chances are you were on the show. At the very least you tuned in to watch someone you know visiting with Santa. I just learned yesterday my parents had me on the show back in the early 1970s.

As I recall, the show ran 30 minutes. It aired live at 3:30 (if my memory is in any way reliable) on KREX. You are no doubt aware of the many fascinating and bizarre things that can happen on live TV. Add little children to the mix, and the mind just reels.

Well, things change. After a long run, the show went away. Last week I published a blog suggesting the show be brought back to local television. Seriously, it was just a thought. Well, one thing led to another, word made its way back to KREX, and POOF! Letters to Santa is coming back!

Would you like to get your child's wish list on Letters to Santa? Here's how:

  • Write a one-page letter to Santa
  • Send it to WesternSlopeNow.com or mail to 345 Hillcrest Drive in Grand Junction
  • Eight boys and girls will be selected to come in and read their letter to Santa

The Letters to Santa series will be featured on KREX 5 News This Morning leading up to Christmas Day.

The format has changed a little, but the spirit is the same. Personally, I think this is wonderful news. As my mother said to me yesterday, "All kids need Santa." Thank you to KREX for bringing this wonderful Christmas tradition back to Western Colorado.

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