Here's a warning: Lego may ruin your Christmas.

The Danish toymaker has announced it is having trouble keeping up with demand and may not have enough blocks to go 'round come the holiday season.

Go ahead, make the joke: this is not awesome.

A Lego spokesman said:

The demand for Lego products during the first half of 2015 has been significantly higher than our and our customers' expectations and projections and this has put a strain on the Lego Group's manufacturing facilities globally."

There is some good news for people living in the US. It appears the shortage will only affect select countries in Europe, although it's not clear yet which ones.

This year has been kind to Lego, whose sales have jumped 18% over last year. That follows a 15% increase from the year before.

Lego's recent success has been spearheaded by consumers' traditional love of the classic blocks, combined with other factors, including the success of The Lego Movie and tie-ins with other popular film franchises, including Star Wars, Batman and The Avengers.

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