Back in the day, pharmacists were called alchemists. Take a visit to the Ouray Alchemist to see how they made their drugs.

But it's true, in a way.

Ouray, Colorado, one of the most beautiful small towns in Colorado offers you a chance to go back and see what getting a prescription may have been like back in the old west. Or just getting cough and cold medicine.

Welcome to the Ouray Alchemist. A wonderful re-creation of an old west pharmacy which includes the oldest prescription in Colorado. They have gathered quite a collection of things, including those "can't miss" medicines sold on street corners by "snake oil" salesman impressive works of art, jewelry, Navajo rugs and more. But Ouray isn't just known for its turn of the century apothecary.

It has the most amazing views, access to the San Juan range and of course, the Ouray Hot Springs.

But the time trip is worth the trip. You literally step into the old west when you go into the Ouray Alchemist. They even love giving tours, but you have to call ahead of time and make an appointment. You won't be sorry and you can even buy some turn of the turn of the century candy there. Far too much fun to pass up.

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