KEKB Morning Show with Keyes & Riley present ‘Missed Encounters Episode 2′

As we explain in the video, there is a website out there that is used mainly for buying things, selling items, housing, vehicles, etc. Little did we know, that particular website also has a section called ‘Missed Encounters.’ It’s under the Personal Category on the Western Slope Craigslist page.

Now, it may look like it, but we are not making fun of any of these situations. We really are trying to help.

If you are unfamiliar with the ‘Missed Encounters’ section, it is for those moments where you see someone or briefly meet someone but were unable to get any contact information. When you see someone from across a crowded room and your heart skips a beat. Or maybe someone saw YOU and is trying to reach out. Relationships/love can blossom anywhere at anytime.

Life is too short to waste opportunities. I (Keyes) can admit that there have been times I have seen someone at the grocery store, when I’m out running, or at a party, etc. and did not have the guts to introduce myself to someone I thought was interesting.

Hopefully, we can help you guys out.



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