Kacey Musgraves may be a country girl through and through, but there's one album in her collection that her biggest fans may not expect to find there.

Well, I just recently got the new Justin Bieber album, and I actually really like it a lot," she admits. "That might be a surprise."

In an interview with Piper from the YouTube series Kids Interview Bands, Musgraves fills fans in on all sorts of random trivia about herself: what TV show she'd use as a band name (her answer? Breaking Bad), who she'd like to play in an autobiographical film (Loretta Lynn), what famous adult she wishes she could have been friends with as a kid and more.

"I don't know if this is a weird answer, but I feel like Mister Rogers would be really fun to hang out with if you were a kid and he was a kid ... or if he was an adult," Musgraves says in response to the latter question.

Even die-hard Msugraves fans will learn something new while watching the video interview above. Kids say the darndest things, so the saying goes -- but they also get some pretty fun answers out of celebrities!

Musgraves recently wrapped up her Country and Western Rhinestone Revue and spent April 22 and 23 opening for George Strait during his first two shows in Las Vegas, Nev. -- a role she'll reprise later this year. A list of all of Musgraves' upcoming performances can be found at KaceyMusgraves.com.

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