Even the bears of Colorado love their Su-BEAR-us.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's department responded to a call yesterday (July 12) of a bear stuck in a car. Once they arrived, they found a medium-sized bear hanging out in the back of a Subaru.

At a closer glance, the officers couldn't figure out how the grizzly creature entered the car. No windows were broken and the door handles "weren’t the kind you lift up". Somehow, the bear opened a door and closed it behind him. Sucks not to have opposable thumbs, huh?!

The officers decided it would be best to just open the rear hatch of the car and let the bear out. That was easier said than done. Mister Bear had a good (or bad) time destroying the inside of the car. Ripping apart the door panels made it difficult for the doors to open easily.

One officer manually opened the rear hatch, while another stood back with a shotgun, just in case.

Once the hatch open, the bear decided it had enough of the car and ran off to his home in the woods.

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