Remember that time you got super drunk, duct taped couch cushions to your body and smashed into things around the house like a human pinball? You don't? Well you were super drunk so that doesn't shock us.

Anyway, take that idea and imagine doing it to a car. A couple drunk Japanese car makers did it. Maybe they weren't drunk. Just insane.

Humanix, a startup company in Japan, recently revealed the iSave You -- a three-wheel electric car covered with airbag-like cushions that spring back to original form after absorbing impacts. The cushions covering the ride are made of a tent fabric and sponge and the company plans to sell their street legal bumper car for 790,000 yen ($9,740 USD).

The manufacturers have one demographic in mind -- your obaasan. That's Japanese for grandmother.

"Professor Tsutomu, president of Humanix, told Japanese magazine Sponichi Annex that 'the car will be perfect for our rapidly aging society and that there are already many requests for it from the elderly and disabled.'”

Perfect. Now what have you got to protect her hips?

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