It's a story that should make everybody want to invest in a fishing boat. A 489 pound bluefish tuna caught off the coast of Japan has just been sold for $1.76 million during an auction at Toyko's Tsukiji fish market. 

It is the most money ever paid for a single fish, shattering the previous mark of $700,000. Bluefish tuna is used in sushi, and a tiny sliver can cost up to $24 dollars.

However the winning bidder, restaurant chain owner Kiyoshi Kimura, isn't really expecting to turn a profit on his acquisition. Traditionally the first fish auction of the new year attracts publicity-oriented stunt bids. Kimura told reports that he offered the outrageous sum as a way to "encourage Japan."

The price works out to $3,603 per pound.

It would be incorrect, however, to say the fish is worth its weight in gold, as the precious metal goes for about $20,000 per pound. Anyway, we seriously doubt a gold fish would taste very good between rice and seaweed.

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