A 13-year-old boy just caught a gigantic tiger muskie in Evergreen and the picture will blow you away. You just have to see this huge tiger muskie for yourself.

Bennett Russell was probably ecstatic when he hooked this bad boy, I know I would be. Bennett is only 13 years old and has already caught a bigger fish than me. A whole lot bigger. See my biggest catch here.

He caught himself a huge tiger muskie in Evergreen, which is about 20 miles from Denver. Bennett caught his gigantic fish in Evergreen Lake. According to Ranger Tim Tolnay, the tiger muskie was 40 inches long.

This was such a big catch, Bennett's friend had to help him carry it out. His face says it all. He's proud of this big fish, as he should be.

Tiger muskie is on my Colorado fishing wishlist and I would love to catch one. I think I'd love it even more if it looked like Bennett's catch.

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