A fish whose home is the Colorado River basin is no longer endangered. The previously endangered humpback chub is making its comeback.

This fish gets its named by its chubby hump - as in, its 'fleshy hump behind its head,' according to KKCO.

By removing fish that like to chow down on the humpback chub and managing the flow of water, the fish is making its comeback.

The humpback chub is being considered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be reclassified. The fish is making a comeback and could be reclassified as threatened versus endangered.

The humpback chub is found around the Grand Canyon, and in Colorado and Utah, according to KKCO. It will take more work and more time for the humpback chub to make its full comeback.

I'm a fish lover and I'm happy to see the fish make a comeback. Maybe one day I'll get a humpback chub on the end of my line.

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