I've climbed Western Colorado's Mt. Garfield hundreds of times, and to date, have never seen this. Is it new?

Let's face it, there isn't much new about Mt. Garfield. It's been there forever. The remnants of the old mine have been untouched for decades. Still, has this always been there?

Okay, so it's no big deal. Someone put a marker on the trail indicating you've reached one mile. Whereas Mt. Garfield is concerned, one mile also marks the halfway point of the hike.

Why do I care? More than anything, I'm trying to determine if my eyesight is completely shot, if I've lost my marbles, or both. You'll frequently encounter first-time hikers on this trail, and many would like to monitor their progress. While I've hiked it many times, I don't use any kind of pedometer to track distance. I've always wondered where the halfway point was.

Have you seen this before? Is it new? Perhaps I've become so trapped in my own head I've simply missed this fixture. Granted, one has to watch their step and "keep an eye on the road" when hiking Mt. Garfield. Still, it would be nice to know how long this marker has been there.

If you're the one who put it there, let me be the first to thank you. If it has been there for 20 years and I've simply failed to notice, please let me know. If you're hiking the trail anytime soon, keep an eye out for it, and perhaps it will give you that extra little push you need to finish the hike.

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