A lot of people will be acting patriotic this weekend whether they actually are or not. But, being patriotic isn't something that happens only around the holidays. Some states are more patriotic than others.Is Colorado one of our nation's most patriotic states?The short answer is, no, Colorado is not in the top 10 of patriotic states -- but it's not in the bottom 10 either.

A new study ranked all 50 states by PATRIOTISM . . . based on things like the number of veterans, veteran funds,  voter turnout, historic landmarks,  and people Googling American flags to buy.

According to movoto.com, the most patriotic states are South Carolina, Maine, North Carolina, Wyoming, and Virginia. The least patriotic states include California, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Virginia,and Hawaii. ( Maybe Hawaiians still don't really feel like they are part of the United States.)

Colorado actually just missed the top 10 for most patriotic states, coming in at #11. Helping out Colorado's overall ranking was it's #3 ranking in voter turnout.

Of course, the fact is, regardless of what anyone else in the state is doing, it doesn't keep any one of us from being patriotic if we want to be  -- or not.

Here's how all 50 states match up in patriotic categories.

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