Flag Day doesn't normally garner much attention nowadays but it's nice to know Grand Junction is proudly flying their flags today.

The America we live in today isn't the America of 30 years ago. In some ways, it's better - and in some ways, it's not. One way it's not better is that we seem to be more divided as a country than ever before - or at least as far back as I remember. Somehow, we have let our differences divide us. It's okay to be different, and to have different beliefs, but those things don't have to divide us. Differences should not create hatred and anger.

But, one thing that hasn't changed. Old Glory. As the song says " and the flag still stands for freedom, and they can't take that away."  The flag unites us for a common cause and purpose."One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

I'm not getting into a big political discussion here. I just want to applaud every single person in the Grand Valley who is flying their America flag today as well as the groups that put out flags in various areas.

I asked the question on Facebook recently, "do you own an American flag." The response was overwhelming in favor of people who not only own flags, but proudly display them. Some fly the flag daily, others are putting it out for special occasions like Flag Day.

Here are some of the responses:

*  Yes, and it flies every day in front of my yard...proudly!
* Yes, two in fact. One handed to me at husband's service and one I proudly display.
*  Yes, and it flies proudly.
* Yes, and proudly fly it on my deck.
* Yes, it is proudly waved on the front of my house!!
* Yes, and made in America, not from China.
* Yes, several of them.
* Hell, yeah!!
* Why would an American not?
* Yes, we do. We get a new one about every 2 years

To all of these people and many more who affirmed their allegiance to the flag in our Facebook poll, and to everyone else in the Grand Valley who is proudly flying the flag today, you are what makes America the greatest and most blessed nation in the world.

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