Grand Junction is a unique city. Sometimes you don't realize it until you travel or talk to someone from out of town.

Recently, I complained to a friend who was in town from Denver about the traffic that day. She laughed and said she made it to the coffee shop 30 minutes early because she is used to fighting traffic in Denver and didn't realize the three mile commute would be so quick.

That made me realize us Grand Junctionites can live in our own world sometimes.

Here are some things that Grand Junction natives know and understand all too well and people from out of town might not fully grasp.

I am so Grand Junction that I...

  • Think a 15-minute commute is long.
  • Don't understand two-lane roundabouts.
  • Get a sunburn in December.
  • Complain about the terrible traffic that adds 5 minutes to the commute.
  • Take for granted hiking in the winter.
  • Can't drive in the snow.
  • Can't justify buying fancy clothes, but I will not hesitate to buy Chacos.
  • Won't eat peaches from anywhere else.

What else could we add to this list?

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