A little morality check this morning. Be honest. Have you ever stolen money out of your spouses' wallet or purse?

This issue comes up because there was a heated discussion here at KEKB about this very subject. It's kind of a two-sided question. One, have you ever taken the money? Two, do you consider that stealing? I asked around and what came out were some very interesting answers:

  • "No, I have never done that"
  • "Neither of my two wives worked, so it was my money anyway."
  • "I have, but if my husband were to notice and ask I would then tell him I did"
  • "I did and I'm sure my wife did to me. But, I don't consider that stealing. It was our money"
  • "I know my ex" did it to me. It would have been alright if she just would have asked or told me."
  • "I have from my husband, but it's always been something for the kids."

For sure many different spins on this subject. I thought about asking people who simply in non-married relationships, but that's not quite the same playing field as being married. It seems that in a non-married couple that would be considered more stealing. Engaged couples are also different. So, I stuck with married or formerly married people.

So,  here is your chance to cleanse your soul and come clean. Or simply give your opinion. Do you consider it stealing if you take money from your wife or husband without them having knowledge?

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