If you live in the city of Grand Junction you can have six animals in total. When you live out in the country isn't a big deal to have as many animals as you like. As long as you are caring for them. I know someone who has 13 cats she lives alone and says they are her companions and if were not for her cats she would probably be lonely. She says they give her purpose.

According to Code Enforcement Officials in Grand Junction you can have a maximum of three adult cats and three adult dogs (four months or older) . Not to exceed a total number of pets six.  However, This does not apply to small animals kept within a residence such as fish, small birds, rodents, and reptiles. 

Now, what if you want chickens, a horse or perhaps a pig? There are rules and regulations you cannot have a pig within city limits. However, you can have chickens providing you have enough space. You can have a pig within city limits if you have a special permit. I have always wanted to have fresh eggs in the morning for breakfast provided by my cage-free chickens. I would have to live out in the country to have cage-free chickens as they do need to be in a coup in the city.