Anytime we can discuss having more family-friendly activities opening up here in Grand Junction, it's always a good thing. It wasn't fun just a few months ago when we brought you the information regarding Glacier Ice Arena possibly be closed forever. But within that time and now according to KKCO, there was an anonymous donor who offered one million dollars toward contributions to the facility. Now the City of Grand Junction is looking into the possibility of buying Glacier Ice Arena.

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The Grand Junction Figure Skating Club has become vocal about wishing the rink was open so they didn't have to travel to Aspen, Eagle, or Vail to get in their skate time. Others not as directly affected as the figure skating club have decided to write letters to city officials asking them to take action, and hopefully, reopen the doors to the large facility.

The Big Problem Right Now

The rink is currently for sale for $2 million dollars. Although there was an anonymous donor who offered up one million, that money only comes with the promise that the facility remains an ice rink. And for a business that has struggled already with this business model, it's difficult to take on this venture and hope that it doesn't become a money pit.

Where Things Are Currently

Grand Junction Mayor Duke Wortmann explains that now we have to be very cautious with spending. So if this does happen it will take a solid plan on how it will become a money-making venture for the city.

The city will continue to have discussions in the coming weeks. And we will be sure to let you know more as details become released.

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