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My wife and I drove past Glacier Ice Rink last weekend, and Savannah said it would be fun to go ice skating. I am not the best so I kind of shrugged it off but then I saw a post online this week about the Glacier Ice Rink is closed and I have no idea how this slipped right past me.

Back on August 6th Glacier Ice Rink made a post on their Facebook page that stated they were closing for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic and the uncertainty regarding guidelines.

At that point, there was no timeline regarding when the rink would reopen to the public. And due to restrictions, they couldn't continue opening the building just to lose money each day.

On top of all of these pandemic issues, Glacier Ice Rink has been for sale since February of 2019. The hope was that the City of Grand Junction would purchase the rink, but due to budget cuts mostly associated with the COVID-19 pandemic that doesn't seem to be a likely option.

The current owner is willing to lease the rink for a minimum of 5 years, but right now it doesn't seem like anyone is interested in taking on the rink as a new business venture. This is sad for the people of Grand Junction, especially those who love to ice skate or play hockey.

Only time will tell what happens next with the Glacier Ice Rink in Grand Junction. Hopefully, their doors will reopen again so we can all enjoy some time on the ice.

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