If you haven't taken the kids to see Santa yet, these toys maybe on their list.

These are the Hot Toys of 2015.

According to Amazon.com, these are the items that all the kids want. Looking through, I did discover that I really would like a #2 on this list. Also, very surprised to see #12. Didn't think that toy was still around.

Back in my day, there was that one coveted toy. The true status symbol. If you didn't have one of these, none of your friends would even come over.

I am referring to the one and only Atari 2600 Game System.

MetalJesusRocks via YouTube
MetalJesusRocks via YouTube

This what the shizzle, as they say. With legendary games such as PitFall, Enduro, Punch Out, Track & Field, Mario Brothers and on and on. Yes, of course games have come a long way since, but this was the Minecraft before Minecraft.

This is going to be on my list of Hot Toys for 2015. I want one.



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