Hi! My name is Billy Jenkins and I am extremely excited to be the newest family member at 99.9 KEKB here in Grand Junction. My radio career got started just after high school and this is my passion, I couldn't imagine doing anything else this is too much fun. As I begin this new adventure here in Colorado I want to tell you a little about me.

Koda & Gypsy

Before December of 2019, I had never been to Colorado, but after spending just one day here I knew this would be a perfect place for my family to call home. My family consists of the most beautiful woman on the planet my wife Savannah and our two dogs that are so spoiled. One is a flat coat retriever (think fuzzy black lab) that goes by the name of Koda, Koda-friend, or just friend. The other is a boxer mix that goes by Gypsy, Gypsy-Gyps-A-Nation, or Princess. Yes, we are those crazy dog people and both of our fur babies are rescues.

Family means more to me than anything. Growing up in Seattle I was the youngest of five kids so I learned to have thick skin quickly. My parents worked very hard to provide for us which instilled a great work ethic in us kids. Unfortunately, I lost my father due to medical issues and not taking care of himself in October 2018. It was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through, but luckily I have a strong family to lean on through the tough times. My mother (Momma) is currently living in Arkansas with my oldest brother. Other siblings are located in the Seattle area and my sister is living outside of Portland, OR.


Sports are a huge part of my life although I don't play like I used to mostly just watching them on television now. One thing on my bucket list is to see an NHL game so I am very excited at some point to go see the Colorado Avalanche hit the ice. Growing up in Seattle has made me a die-hard Seahawks fan, but I realize I don't live there anymore so don't expect me to talk about them too often. As I know were in Bronco country.


Another passion is traveling I love seeing new places and eating new foods. Savannah and I have gone to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen but we're currently saving all of our money to take an African Safari trip in late August/early September to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


Country music truly is my favorite type of music. Even when I am not in the studio I'm always listening to country. I know lots of people have said country music has changed over the years and I agree, but I don't think it's a bad thing. When interviewing Garth Brooks I asked him the same question. Garth told me that when he came out lots of people didn't like his music because it wasn't country, I think people adapted to embrace Garth and all of his music.


Grand Junction is my new home and I'm not going anywhere for a long time. Savannah and I have already had an offer accepted on a home were buying and couldn't be more excited to start our new life here in Colorado. So when you see me at the grocery store or filling up my gas tank please don't be shy, come over and say hi.

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