This was the scene at roughly 9:00 this morning, overlooking Grand Junction from Eagle's Wing trail off of Little Park Road. Is it any wonder we love living in Grand Junction so much?

A tremendous view awaited those making their way across the trails on Little Park earlier today. Rarely do you get a scene such as this.

If you're not utilizing the trails on Little Park or at Lunch Loop, you're missing out. Today's conditions were nothing short of perfect.

Keep in mind, temperatures are slightly colder at those elevations, and as a result, the ground stays packed with snow. There's no mud, and no mess. On a day such as this, you can walk for hours and encounter only one or two other hikers.

For some inexcusable reason, I set out this morning without my camera. Fortunately, my cell phone was handy. While it's better than nothing, sights such as this warrant a real camera. When you head out, don't forget to take yours.

The next time a day such as this rolls around, seize the opportunity to seek higher elevation and bask in the magnificence so few areas get to enjoy.

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