Helping romance blossom in Grand Junction. Craigslist-style.

Isn't there an old saying, something about how you can find love anywhere? Who knows when or where Cupid will shoot her arrows at you?

The Western Slope Craigslist has a section called 'Missed Connections.' Its purpose is to try and find that person that you may have seen across a crowded room and didn't get a chance to meet. Or, someone you met briefly but didn't get a chance to exchange numbers or emails.

Here are three listings from this last week that maybe, we could help with.

I see you.
I see the way you don't want people to see you.
I see that you're trying not to fall into the abyss.
I see how you hide your ankle monitor.
I see the tattoos you keep under wraps.
I see the Tool you live your life in.
I see the you that is dark and beautiful.
I see you.

So, Cody, if you are out there, I guess the ball is in your court.

  • Up next we go to Fruita. Stephanie, who works mornings at the Maverick, is the subject of this listing. This one sounds promising. They have met, talked and know each other. Just trying to reconnect I guess.
  • Finally, we go back to March 12 for this listing, where these two had a brief and interesting conversation at 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday in the Grand Junction area. This gentleman is looking to continue that conversation with Sara. We do know that Sara is early 30's and brunette.

Well, hopefully, love will bloom with these Grand Junction residents.

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