Fruita is building a new elementary school and it needs a name.

Get your thinking cap on. The deadline to submit a name is Monday, August 19th.  District 51 has posted an online survey asking for ideas to name the new Fruita Elementary School.

The school will be located at 18 ½ and K.4 Road. The City of Fruita is behind the idea of having you help name the new school. Of course, they'd like to see some of the things that make Fruita special reflected in the ideas.

There are several ways to go here. There are unique outdoor opportunities in the area. Then there are the beautiful landscapes around including the Colorado National Monument, the Bookcliffs, and the famed Colorado River.

Fruita and the surrounding area is famous for its agricultural. There are numerous farming and cattle ranches around town so perhaps that's the way to go. There is the cities history to consider. Famous individuals with connections to the town are popular school names however, the board's policy is to not name structures or memorials after people, so that's out.

So what do you think? I've lived the region for only 3 years so I'm hardly qualified to toss out ideas. I'm guessing that "Mike The Headless Chicken Elementary" is a no go? How about "Mountain Bike Elementry"? I know it's technology in Mack but what about "Country Jam Elementry" and make it mandatory that one headliner each year has to do a fundraising concert that benefits the school district? No? For those of you with real suggestions, submit your ideas HERE.

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