Have you seen these incredible "Little Free Libraries" showing up around Western Colorado? Have you given any thought to starting one in your neighborhood?

According to the Little Free Library website, a Little Free Library is a take a book, return a book kiosk, where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories.

So what is a Little Free Library? All it is, is a box full of books that anyone can stop by and pick up a book or two and bring back another book to share.

So, maybe you would like to set up a Little Free Library in your own neighborhood. How does one get started?

There is a five step guide available from the Little Fee Library website. You'll have to take into consideration city ordinances and zoning laws. From there, you will need to construct your own library.

Once you're rolling, you'll need to get registered with the organization. In doing so, you'll be added to the Little Free Library blog and world map.

Would your neighborhood be the perfect place for a Little Free Library? What do you think... should you start your own?